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above on the left is actor Dick Haymes with Lina



on the left:  Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gould III     1953              on the right:  John Payne with Ms. Romay  1952



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link: audio only (Lina Romay Show sings: Cachita)

sorry, link was taken down, check back later


link: audio only (Bing Crosby and Lina Romay sing: South America, Take it away (1946)

link: audio only (Lina Romay sings Love (1945)

link: audio only (Lina Romay sings Street of Dreams (1952)

link: audio only (Lina Romay sings Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (1952)

Lina sings Babalu (1952)

link: video: Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, episode: La Duenna with Lina Romay


BRAZIL  (1947)

Philco Radio Time Orchestra


The Last Time I Saw You (1945)

Armed Forces Radio Service


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