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"Now, boys! ...Are you peeking at my ankles?"




detail from a Lina Soundie   detail from one of Lina's Soundies


a HQ scene from "Love Laughs at Andy Hardy"          staged photo from Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

Publicity stills from MGM Studios

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In this section, we print YOUR letters about the delightful Miss Romay:


Dear Editor:

Just discovered your Lina Romay web site in the new issue of CLASSIC IMAGES!

I was just out of high school in the early 40s when the Latin music craze started to peak.  I was a big fan of Cugat's, thanks to his weekly radio show.
When the Cugat orchestra was booked into the Chase Club at the Chase Hotel in St. Louis, I double-dated with some classmates to go to my first night club.  (Yes, we ordered tuna fish salad sandwiches and cokes).  Was mesmerized by the Cugat band.  The star floor show attraction was Carmen Castillo (?), Cugie's then wife.  However, from the very beginning of the evening, I had my eye on Cugie's band singer, who just sat with the orchestra beating time to the music.  She looked oh, so bored.  However, when it was time for her to sing, she jumped up in a flash and turned it on!!!!!   I couldn't take my eyes off her during the whole evening.
I moved to Santa Monica, Calif. in Dec. 4l, and went to every Cugat appearance in the area--even to a prom at UCLA where he played (but without Lina, as I recall)...
In the 80s, I went to a jazz club on Vine Street in Hollywood to hear singer Ruth Olay, who had become a friend.  Attended many of her shows, and she always made a point of alerting me to any celebrity in the audience.  One night at the Vine Street Bar & Grill, she mentioned that Lina Romay was in the room.  Did I know her?  YIKES.   Ruth said why don't I go over and tell her I was a long time fan--that she would love it.  So, between sets I went over to her booth where she was deeply involved in a conversation with her date (?).  I mumbled something about how I always thought she was swell.   She was gracious.  The encounter was brief, but it was MY encounter....
The next time I saw Ruth Olay, Ruth gave me a Christmas card to her from Lina.  Ruth said she thought that I should have it.  And I do.
Conrad J. Doerr

June 29, 2007


Thanks for your contribution Conrad!  


I am a Hollywood Golden Age musical fan (I own now about 200 movie musicals from thirties, forties and fifties) and  the first time  I saw Lina singing was in the movie "Two girls and a sailor". I wondered who is that cute doll singing and dancing with Ben Blue, Now I know and I have seen Lina singing in many other movies. I have one question to ask; did Lina record any albums, if yes any available or otr-recordings ?  
I found out, that there are several
Lina`s songs on cd "War years 1941 - 45" /Xavier Cugat.
Naturally I bought that one. 
The site is a fine tribute to lovely, talented and beautiful Latin singer, Lina Romay.
We Finns love tangos. We have annually  great Tango Festival. Our King of Tango is late Olavi Virta. His best years were in the fifties.
Jouni Kinnunen
Vantaa, Finland     

Editors Note:  if you search the 'net, you'll find many sellers out there of old radio shows, recorded on CD's in MP3 format.  Lina was featured in her own radio show for a short time and also appeared on other popular shows like Command Performance and others during and after the War.  Thanks Jouni for sharing your thoughts on Lina! 

EZS <> wrote:


After watching some movies and clips from this beautiful, talented and lovely lady, there’s a strange feeling of disappointment in me.

How is that possible, that she couldn’t get a bigger role in a big smash hit movie?

I think she could beat even Marilyn Monroe in any kind of movie….

It must have been be the policy of big studios (like MGM etc.) they didn’t let Latin stars like Lina make a big success, 'cause she was Mexican origin, and that’s shocking.

Maybe things would be different is she was now age 25…

Thank you J


Thanks for your comments, J!


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